About the tavern

In the 90-ies “Matsurev inn” was among the first inns in Bansko. It is called after its keepers, the Matsurev family. It was built with lots of love, persistence, work and desire and throughout several years it underwent changes, extensions and innovations. After constructing the hotel part in 2006, “Matsurev inn” is no longer just an inn, but a complete complex called “Matsurev han”. If you are still unaware of the famous hospitality of the local people, this is the place where you could properly eat and relax. In addition to the warm, authentic and traditional atmosphere here you will be welcomed by the kind keepers that will take care after your pleasant stay. The inn offers Bulgarian national cuisine, traditional Bansko specialties prepared on embers, on a plate and in a furnace.

Here we can cook for you whatever you want, dressed with whatever you wish.
You will find over 30 salad types, you can try over 200 dishes, homemade specialties and desserts, you will enjoy over 70 types of red and white Bulgarian wines and you will have the opportunity to taste the home mulled wine and combine it with the real homemade dried Bansko leg (Banska kreshchina).

Here food is ritual. For breakfast you can try some of the specialties personally prepared by the lady of the house – banitsa with cheese, mekitsi, homemade sheep yogurt, pancakes or fried toasts with homemade jam of berries and blueberries.

Being excellent chefs, the keepers also perform special orders – for example, delivery of a whole piglet or lamb, roasted in a furnace. And those that would like to pamper themselves could order from the specialties of the lady of the house – kapama, chumlek, banska barkada (kachamak), Banska braid etc., and uncle Ivan would gladly open up a bottle of excellent Bansko rakia or will run a jug of wine from the cellar.
We offer to the tourists and groups passing by Bansko delicious lunches with wholesome and healthy food, impressive dishes that are typical for the Pirin area at attractive prices.

The “Bansko” by Ivan Matsurev also personifies the keeper himself. With his strong hand he manages the family inn the way Bansko people used to do this a century or two ago. The inn was awarded with the 1st place for inn of the year at “BANSKO AWArds“

Pleasant and peaceful live music that will contribute for your good moods every evening.

Visit us so that you could feel the hospitality of the Bansko people – you come as clients but leave as our friends!




Where are we



15, Otets Paisii Str.

+359 899 142 341, +359 899 142 340